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Witnessing James Gardner, the ectoplasm medium (audio and text)
By:Roy Jones

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Witnessing James Gardner, the ectoplasm medium

I used to attend a trance healing circle in Preston, Lancashire UK. The medium was James Gardner.

Ectoplasm used to come out of his belly button. He was in a little cubicle (enclosure) and he would undress - he would just leave his pants on.

This particular day, at that time of life when these circles were going on, there was a lot of people who did not believe. And there was a sergeant in the circle, but nobody knew about this.

But for Jimmy, they used to have little batons with a luminous paint; they painted these and what they would do is they would put these in front of light and the ectoplasm would come out of his belly button and the entities would - how can I put it? - would manifest, and each person in the circle would be called to the kiosk.

There were 2 people outside which were there to protect Jimmy because it was a very dangerous thing to happen, you didn't touch the medium or anything, you know.

And apparently there were lots of inclination, lots of relatives came to see. There was 8 people in the circle. And the Circle had finished and the 2 people that were there, the kiosk was closed, they said, "Are you there, Jimmy? Are you around?" No answer!

All of a sudden there was a bang bang bang bang on the door. It was completely dark. The door was locked. And there was no way in or out. There was just one door. And there was a person sitting right in front of that door so nobody could pass to get through it. And one lady had the key.

Here comes Jimmy's voice "Let me in, let me in, it's raining here! I want to go in."

So they let him in.

And apparently what had happened was Spirit dematerialized him through the roof and put him outside. And I was there to see that.
- He was with his body outside of the room.
Outside of the room, that's correct.
-And you saw that?
I saw that with my own eyes.
This was somewhere in the 1950's - I can't bring back to mind the exact date - but it was in the 50's - 56, 57 somewhere there.
- And you knew this room well?
Yes, yes, it was a church, a special sanctuary built specially for that.

Consequently, I think it was about two years later, somebody touched him when he was in trance and was letting ectoplasm.
He hemorrhaged very badly and passed to Spirit. At a very young age: He was only 35 when he passed.

- You witnessed the formation of the ectoplasm?
Oh yes, yes.

- Could you describe it for us? Would it start small and then grow?
What I saw they held batons in front of Jimmy. All of a sudden, you saw this... what seemed to be like smoke. But it wasn't. It was like a cloud, but it was like a rope. It came out and it came up, and you would see it build up.

Then the guides or the helpers who ran the circle would bring the relatives by the picture that they made of ectoplasm.

And there was a trumpet traveling around.

-Was the trumpet made of ectoplasm?
No. They always had the trumpet because sometimes guides would talk through it. And you could see... they would put effervescent things in the front and the back and you could see it, traveling around the room.

- So it was a real object? Spirit would talk through it?
Yes. Have you seen one? There is one in the church.
- A cone?
Yes, they call it a trumpet.
-Spirit uses it to talk?
No, there is not many mediums really doing that now because it is so dangerous. He died because of this.
- How did he die, on the spot?
No, no, what happened was - I never witnessed what happened - but from what I was told by members of the church: That there was a young man who was so enjoyed. It was his girl friend apparently that had come through; she had passed in a car accident. She came back and he just grabbed to give her a hug.
That was enough to ...Jimmy had to be taken - because ... through his mouth and nose, he was bleeding, hemorrhaging quite badly - he had to be taken to the hospital. He never survived.