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More about the formation of ectoplasm (audio and text)
By:Roy Jones

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More about the formation of ectoplasm

What I saw as far as ectoplasm was concerned was two of the people that protected Jimmy would hold the batons - I call them - with the luminous paint on it. And he would see a stream, like a rope, coming from his belly button. And it would come up and it would spread out. And then...

- How big?
I would say about 8 inches. And it would take all different shapes: The person that was coming through that was using the ectoplasm to show his features to a certain member of the Circle.

You could not dispute that it was not that person because the person would verify that that was definitely her aunt or her husband or whoever the relative was.

- Would they see only a head or a head and a body?
Usually just a face and a head. Just a face, yes.

- Would the ectoplasm stay at the level of the belly button or move?
No it would move.

- Move to the person?
No, they would be called to the kiosk because Jimmy wouldn't move from there. He would sit on the chair and that was it. Sometimes he was tied to the chair so he could not move.

On this particular day, that he was taken up through the roof, he was solidly tied to the chair. And when they investigated the chair and things, afterwards, the rope that was around his body hadn't been untied, it was just there.

- What color was the ectoplasm?
It's like smoky color, smoke, grayish, smoke, like smoke.

- Cigarette smoke?

- Did every member of the Circle see it?
Yes, yes they were all called individually to go and see it. What would happen would be a relative who wanted to come, and that person would be called and go to the Circle and see it.

- Did they say if the ectoplasm looked like the young person or the old person?
They came exactly as they knew them.

- Did somebody try to touch it?
That's normal but we were told definitely not to. That's what killed him.

- You mentioned earlier that somebody touched him and it proved to be fatal. What happened?
Apparently it was a young man. And his girlfriend had passed in a car accident. And he was so distraught that he just took a dive at her and tried to hug.

- But at the same time he hug the medium.
No. Apparently the ectoplasm went straight back into the body, but it was too late, he's touched it and it caused the hemorrhage.