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How to Combine Metaphysical Properties of Crystals
By:Tara Green

Just as some medicines complement each other when blended, the metaphysical properties of crystals can be amplified when used in conjunction with other stones. While each individual crystal may offer many benefits, a combination of stones can have a powerful synergy creating dramatic healing results. Select your crystals with care, as if you were taking home two new pets, making sure that your energy bonds with each stone and that the stones harmonize with each other.

Take some time to relax and center yourself before you go to buy crystals. You want to enter a state where you feel connected to your own energy body so that you can perceive both its current condition and any shifts which occur as you come in contact with new stones. Choose a time to shop when you will not feel rushed or constrained by other obligations. Try to enter the store in a meditative state so that you intuitively perceive which crystal's energy may be drawing you.

Hold a stone which attracts you. Notice how it affects you energetically. Pay attention to subtle signals such as an increased feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation in some part of your body. Breathe deeply and remain centered so you will not feel distracted by other shoppers. Pay attention not only to the stone's appearance but to how its vibrations communicate with your light body. If the energy does not feel like a good fit, put the stone back.

Repeat the process until you find 2-4 stones whose energy resonates positively with yours. Then try holding two stones at the same time, one in each hand. Try the stones in different combinations. You may notice that two stones seem to work well together but there is something missing, and try combining three stones.

Learn to use and trust your own intuition in choosing crystals as their effects are not identical for all individuals. However, while your intuition develops, there are some well-known pairings and blending principles you can utilize. Rose quartz, known as the love stone, can enhance the healing vibrations of amethyst. Smoky quartz amplifies the power of any other stone.

Stone combinations can also assist with various types of spiritual work. Tiger's Eye helps speed kundalini awakening while serpentine softens the potential discomfort of that process. In "The Crystal Bible," Judy Hall says that moldavite, a stone which may have extraterrestial origins, can "take you to the highest spiritual dimensions and facilitate the ascension process." To make sure you don't lose contact with earth, pair moldavite with a grounding stone such as hematite. If you are learning shamanic journeying or doing past life regression work, galena is a stone which helps you descend either into the shamanic underworld or into the past. For protection during those experiences, you may want to use galena in conjunction with labradorite.