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How to Do a Reiki Attunement

In theory, anyone can access the universal life energy known as Reiki. However, being able to access Reiki energy does not mean that a person knows how to use it to its best ability, or how to channel it effectively. Attunement of novices is one of the privileges and responsibilities of being a Reiki Master.

Become a Reiki Master. Only a Reiki Master has the knowledge and ability to do attunements.

Prepare for the attunement beforehand. The Master should find a place to meditate, making sure she has become grounded before proceeding to do the attunement. The Master should also help the novice to be at peace with himself, and to keep his mind open to the new sensations that becoming attuned to Reiki will let him experience.

Create a suitable area in which to do the Reiki attunement. The area can be either indoors or out, but it should invoke a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Incense can help to accentuate the feelings of tranquility, as can some soft relaxation music.

Invite the recipient of the Reiki attunement into the area. Have her stand upright and hold her hands up to her shoulders with the palms of her hands facing front, as though she were preparing to surrender.

Stand behind the novice. Walk around him, ending the walk at the starting point. Then take the novice's left hand in your right, and raise it up to his head.

Trace the Reiki symbols on the novice's left hand. Draw each symbol once, and chant the symbol's name three times. Repeat the process for all four Reiki symbols.

Form a mental image of the Reiki attunement symbol, then blow on the novice's chest between the crown chakra and the base chakra. Place your finger on the novice's forehead, then trace the Reiki symbols again while chanting their names three times.

Remove your hand from the novice's. Reform the mental image of the attunement symbol, then blow on the novice again between her base chakra and her crown chakra.

Hold out the novice's left hand, then take your right hand palm-up and visualize the Reiki attunement symbol in it. Slap your right hand with the novice's left hand to transfer the attunement. Repeat the process with your left hand and the novice's right.

Press the novice's hands together, then bow to the novice. This represents honoring the novice for the work and commitment they have made in Reiki, along with remembering that the person is a wonderful and unique being.