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Uses for Ethereal Crystals
By:Sophia Sola

Ethereal crystals are invisible, non-earthly crystals that are conjured with the mind. They can be used any time physical crystals are used, but unlike physical crystals, which can be costly and may harm the earth when extracted, ethereal crystals are always available regardless of how precious they are, making them an ecological choice. While there are many services available for ethereal crystal therapy, anyone can do simple crystal conjuring at home.

There are nine levels of ethereal crystal attunement. The attunement process is often performed by a new age healer, but it can be self-administered. During attunement, ethereal crystals are placed on your body in various places, and left there until you absorb them. Attunement makes it easier for you to receive the healing vibrations that can be transferred from the universe to you, via the crystals. Each level of attunement relates to different crystals. Attunements are often performed in groups of three levels. You may need to wait up to five days between attunement sessions.

Ethereal crystals can be used in place of physical crystals to perform healing rituals. The ethereal version of a crystal has the same properties as a physical crystal, but is more powerful because it contains none of the impurities found in crystals dug from the earth. To heal with ethereal crystals, a healing practitioner conjures the crystals and places them on your relevant body chakras. This can be used in combination with Reiki, spiritual healing, massage or another type of therapy.

Purification and Detoxification
Ethereal crystals can be used to make healing elixirs. A practitioner may simply conjure a detoxifying, ethereal crystal -- such as bloodstone, fluorite or clear quartz points -- and add it to a glass of water. The crystals work internally when the water is consumed. Elixirs are safe for use on animals.

Crystal Amulets
Make an amulet out of an ethereal crystal to capture the power of that crystal and carry it with you wherever you go. Choose your crystal carefully, as there are many subtle differences between types of crystals. For example, rose quartz and apache tears are both used for love, but rose quartz induces excitement while apache tears calm.