About Healing

How to Learn Reiki at Home
By:Flora Richards-Gustafson

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine also known as "palm healing." Those who perform this spiritual practice believe they transfer positive energy through the palms of their hands to help a person heal. People that feel Reiki is beneficial claim they feel less stressed out, less depressed, rejuvenated, healthier, have better relationships and are able to manifest their desires. It may be difficult to find workshops that teach the principles of Reiki, but there are ways for those interested in this Eastern practice to learn more about it at home.

Find an online Reiki course or purchase a Reiki curriculum to study at home. If you are not sure what type of curriculum to purchase, as a naturopathic doctor or Reiki specialist you know and trust for a recommendation. You may be able to find Reiki workbooks at your local library that you can check out before making a purchasing decision.

Once you have received your Reiki curriculum, learn what the different symbols and hand positions mean, along with the different levels of attunements. Once you learn about the different symbols, you will then learn how to "activate" the symbols, be able to "beam" and "scan" with Reiki, perform "psychic surgery," have contact with the afterlife and learn the different variations of Reiki symbols and attunements.

Learn about chakras. Study how to perform healing attunements with chakras on yourself or others. Chakras used differ with a person's ailment, and there are different chakra formulas. Follow the systematic instructions for balancing chakras through Reiki, and learn how to use healing stones properly. Practice the breathing and meditation lessons outlined in your books as well.

Study the aura attunements used to heal emotional issues. Carefully read the instructions for performing aura attunements to help resolve addictions, memory loss, eating disorders, grief, guilt, insomnia, phobias, anxiety, jealousy, hate, money problems and so on. When studying auras, you will learn how to see and protect your own aura, learn how to distinguish the seven aura layers and how to perform an aura attunement and emotional healing in 15 minutes.

Practice the Reiki techniques and massages you learned so you can perfect your techniques. You can practice on yourself or others, and then move on to performing Reiki on inanimate objects, plants and animals. Once you are able to demonstrate your knowledge of Reiki and its techniques, and show you are able to teach others Reiki, you may be eligible to earn a master Reiki certification.