About Healing

How to Learn Reiki Online
By:Rob Schneider

Reiki is a form of energy healing. The word "Reiki" comes from two Japanese words, "rei" (spiritual) and "ki" (life force or energy). Sometimes Reiki is described as being a form of "laying on of hands" healing. This is a good description of the practice, because it does involve systematically holding your hands over various areas of the patient's body, "reading" the energy vibrations and treating the areas that are unhealthy or unbalanced by transferring energy directly through the hands. There are three levels of Reiki training. All three levels can be learned online and include some free courses. Paid online Reiki courses include downloadable CDs and eBooks, weekly student-teacher group chat lessons and/or live video feeds.

Choose a Reiki Master

A Reiki master transfers his energy to you.
Choose a Reiki master whom you believe can and will transfer his "ki" to you. While Reiki techniques can be learned alone, part of the philosophy of Reiki includes the necessity of having a Reiki master transfer his ki to you and attune your body to the spirit of Reiki. There are many websites that offer online Reiki training by certified masters. Because the connection between the Reiki master and the student is so important, you may want to compare several different online courses before making your decision.

Be in a receptive, meditative mood for your attunement
Attune to your Reiki Master. This is done at a time specified by the Reiki Master. Some masters ask that you fast beforehand, but others just ask that you be alone, quiet and in a receptive state of mind. A period of meditation before the attunement is ideal. Sometimes, the attunement takes place offline, but it may also take place online through a live video feed.

Practice on yourself first
Activate the Reiki energy. Sometimes ki can be felt in the hands as heat or a tingling sensation. Sometimes the practitioner feels nothing, but it is activated just by willing it to be done. Learn to feel the energy by practicing running your hands slowly over your own body, a couple of inches away from the skin. The best way to feel the energy is to just relax and not try too hard to achieve results. If you feel you need assistance, most online Reiki courses include weekly group chats or one-one-one chat lines at specified times. Email exchanges are also often included as part of the course.

A massage table is ideal for a Reiki treatment.
Practice with your partner. Set up a massage table or place padding on a table of similar height. Make sure your practice partner is comfortable and warm. Begin by quietening your mind. Slowly pass your hands over the partner's body, beginning with the face. Do not touch the body. Your hands should just hover over the body. Try not to force anything. You may find that your hands will seem to gravitate to one area. Sometimes the practitioner feels a hot or cold sensation in the hands. Sometimes they feel directed to move energy to or from a particular area of the body. Reiki masters stress the need to allow your ki to guide you rather than follow a predetermined course of action. Usually, you will discuss your practice sessions with your teacher and other students in an online chat room.

The Reiki finish should leave both client and practitioner feeling relaxed and revived
Perform a "Reiki Finish." After you have completed the treatment, you should end the session with a Reiki Finish. Gently place one hand on the partner's stomach and one hand on their forehead. The purpose of the finish is to re-balance their energetic body. One indication of a successful treatment is that both the practitioner and the client feel relaxed and invigorated after the treatment.

Your online Reiki certificate is a valid certificate of achievement.
Upon the successful completion of your online Reiki training, your instructor will mail your certificate to you. This certificate is identical to a certificate awarded to a student who attends classes in person and is equally valid.