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Candles Used in Aura Cleansing
By:Kathryn Rateliff Barr

Aura cleansing can help you release the negativity that you pick up as you progress through your day. Negative energy may accumulate as you interact with people, go about your work routine or find yourself in locations where negative energy abounds. These negative vibrations and emotions drain your body of precious energy you need to stay healthy and whole. Chromotherapy can assist you to choose candle colors that reinforce your health and cleansing efforts.

White combines all colors together. Rose Ariadne, author of "How to 'Cleanser Yourself' of Negative Energy," recommends a white candle for aura cleansing. White is the opposite of black, the color most associated with negative energy, which makes white a positive balance for cleansing. According to Brian Greenfield on the Holistic Online website, white is strengthening, cleansing and purifying. It nurtures the whole person and brings purity, vitality and creativity. Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph.D., R. M-T., recommends white as a representation of the feminine aspects of God, although silver may also be used for this purpose.

Trinity C. McKenzie at Arcane Mystique recommends blue or white candles for use in aura cleansing. Blue connects us to holistic thinking, according to the Therapy Color website. Blue brings mental clarity, peace and clear communication. Health, vitality, knowledge and communication are associated with the color blue.

Shades of Yellow
Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph.D., R. M-T., recommends yellow, orange and gold as representations of the masculine aspects of God. Yellow connects us to our mind and provides mental clarity, optimism, wisdom and inspiration. Yellow brings confidence, empowerment, energy, discernment and courage, according to the Therapy Color website.

Orange connects us to our emotional self and brings joy, optimism, resourcefulness, success and inspiration. It may help expand interests and activities, and encourage happiness and joy in our relationships.

Gold strengthens and amplifies, according to Greenfield. It benefits the immune system and assists the body to self-heal.

Other Colors
Khakani's Mystic World website recommends that you choose candle colors that mean something to you when cleansing your aura. Chromotherapy can provide some assistance with choices by pointing out the benefits and purposes of other colors, according to the Therapy Color website.

Red connects us to our physical body and our survival instincts. Red brings a feeling of safety and security, and may help overcome negative thoughts. It supplies vigor, strength, vitality, ambition and willpower.

Green is associated with the heart and connects us to unconditional love. It brings relaxation, stress relief and a return to our center. It supplies harmony, balance, love, hope, peace and new life.

Turquoise assists with expression and brings sensitivity, calmness, openness and the ability to express love.

Indigo connects us to our unconscious and brings intuition, awareness and imagination. It supplies understanding and serenity.

Purple connects us to our spiritual nature and brings generosity, selflessness, inspiration, creativity and a sense of calm.

Pink calms aggression and bring relaxation.