About Healing

How to Heal Spiritually

Healing spiritually after a traumatic loss is a difficult and personal process. Learning to hope, trust and love yourself and others again can be achieved. Healing can start through personal reflection, connection with a higher power and a willingness to move forward. Heal spiritually and see a brighter tomorrow ahead.

Identify and fully experience the source of your grief. Admit to yourself the full extent of your attachment to the person or experience. Confront sadness and begin to heal by crying about it. The physical release can break down the first barrier to moving past spiritual pain.

Talk it out with a therapist, clergyperson or trusted friend. Bottling up emotions can hinder your healing and contribute to continued or even increased torment. Put your emotions into words as a way of validating them, then let them go by sharing them with another person.

Write about your experiences in a journal or letters to a higher power. Use the writings to ask questions about your suffering. Listen for answers from within or from another external source.

Examine your present life. List the positive aspects of your life. Change the negative things that are within your power to change and accept the rest is now in the past. Shift your focus to the positive qualities and strive to build on them.

Do things that make you feel good physically and mentally. Eat a balanced diet and get plenty of rest and exercise. Engage in hobbies or outings that bring you happiness or serenity.

Move forward by seeking out new activities and people. Believe that the future brings opportunity for new experiences. Hold on to your faith in yourself and your ability to cope with pain and disappointment.