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How to Charge & Cleanse Crystals
By:Shara J.J. Cooper

For centuries, many cultures and religious groups have believed in the therapeutic power of crystals. Today, this belief continues among Wiccans, psychics and other New Age spiritualists. Traditionally, different crystals have different uses. Crystal healers such as Ashley Dalke, a certified Master of Crystology, believe it is necessary to cleanse and charge a crystal before using it. This is thought to remove any negative associations the crystal brings with it and to charge it with the owner's unique positive energy.

Choose the method of cleansing that you prefer. There are many methods to cleanse a crystal. Dalke gives a few suggestions in her article "Dream Healing: A Crystal Approach to healing."

You can bury the crystal in soil, let it sit in running river water, smudge it with incense, or sit it in a bowl with flowers or essential oils.

The most common method is to leave it outside either in the full sun for several days (sun energy) or to put it under a full moon (moon energy).

Most methods take one to three days.

Retrieve your crystal and clean off any residue with plain water or a clean cloth.

Charge the crystal by letting it soak in the sun. According to Crystal Healing Therapist, Reiki Master and author Karen Ryan the length of time and frequency a crystal needs to be charged depends on the its size and how often it is used.