About Healing

How to Perform a Reiki Energy Style Healing Session
By:Debra Rigas

With regard to administering mainstream or alternative health care services, there are risks involved at both a physical and metaphysical level. According to the International Center for Reiki Training, "Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It's administered by laying on hands and can be easily learned by anyone." To practice Reiki, you will need actual training and certification from a particular school. But for general energy healing, those who have years of experience, aligned with higher consciousness, and who routinely practice loving, healing prayers and meditation for the benefit of all beings, can certainly offer assistance to others in times of need.

Meditate and offer prayers before any session with another individual. You can do this alone beforehand, so that you are perfectly centered and focused, and completely clear of outside influences. Use whatever mantras, devotions, pujas or other practices to which you are accustomed. (Pujas are a form of offering -- typically practiced by Hindus and Buddhists -- food, flowers, incense and other items are placed in a fire.)

Create a space of well-being, clarity and peacefulness. Many energy workers light candles as a symbol of inviting the presence of God, the light or for general offering. If you have an altar in your space, follow your own customary practices to instill a sense of calm.

Invite the person you will be assisting to get into a comfortable position. Ideally, she can lie on a massage table that has a pillow, clean sheets and a light blanket; or she can simply sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths together and set a clear intention, regarding the work at hand. The person you are helping can remain fully clothed, but removing shoes and jewelry is typical.

Offer a silent invocation toward welcoming the assistance of God, angels, ascended masters; such as Djwhal Khul, or deities, such as Kwan Yin (Mother of Compassion), Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and so forth.

Move your hands over the areas of the body's form where healing is required. Some people follow a precise technique, as from their Reiki Master training, while others do variations on the laying on of hands. Touch is not always required, although the hands do move over the limbs, torso, head and other body parts. Keep the hands within 3 to 6 inches of the body. Very often you will feel heat, cold, vibrations or actual "energy flow."

See the person as whole and complete. Visualize his total health and vitality, and freedom from discomfort.

Listen kindly and compassionately to any words the person may bring up, and offer a tissue if tears begin to flow. Sometimes, the simple act of kindness and caring are enough to induce crying, so don't be alarmed. Tears are a healing release.

Complete the session in however long it takes. Some people will need only a few moments, while you may sense that others need more time. Simply honor what is transpiring until you feel a break in the energy, or until you receive an inner sense that you have completed what you can.

Give the person a few minutes alone to sit or lie quietly, then offer a glass of pure water for him to drink. Ask him to rise slowly so as to avoid dizziness or a loss of balance. This sometimes occurs especially after a long session, or when very deep release and healing have taken place.

Offer a prayer of gratitude to God and the other ethereal assistants, acknowledging the true source from whence the healing comes.