About Healing

Healing Crystals & Self-Absorption
By:Jennifer Shakeel

Crystals have various amazing properties. They refract light, and when purer crystals are cut and polished they absorb some of the light. Many believe that their properties include cleansing and healing.

Crystals come in many varieties, differing in color, shape, purity, hardness, brittleness and, indeed, beauty. Diamond, the precious crystal of carbon, is the hardest. While impurities can shade the color some, diamonds are usually clear and refract light in amazing patterns. Other crystals are semi-precious, and they occur more often and are, therefore, less expensive. Topaz, for example, is softer, yet still attractive. Crystals vary in how well they can be cut. Some, like obsidian, won't cleave or be cut along attractive angles.

Crystals can be cut into various shapes. The common princess cut of diamond is a symmetric round cut that refracts light and makes wonderful patterns. Depending on the crystal's cleavage, or how it splits apart, different shapes can be made. Amethyst, a blue to violet crystal, can be cut into longer wands.

Crystals, in their myriad of colors, reflect light of differing colors. The energy, and frequency, associated with this light varies with the color. Violet provides more energy at a higher frequency than red. However, unless you count the light that you see with your eyes, none of this energy gets beyond your epidermis.

Crystals always have some degree of impurity. Sometimes these impurities are actually attractive, giving the crystal uniqueness and attractive shading. However, for the most part, impurities devalue the crystal. Sometimes the impurities overwhelm and the crystal can't be cut or made translucent. You should be aware that crystals of this natural type have little value, and you shouldn't pay a premium for them.

Healing Powers
Some contend that crystals with their pleasure properties, including self absorption, promote healing. Quite simply, self absorption is the capturing of energy (here light) by crystal, especially internally. Some contend these captured energies can be used to heal. Crystals are sometimes used in massage to balance the energies without your body. All of this, however, seems doubtful and definitely unproven.

Where to Buy
Crystals can be very difficult to buy. Many factors affect their price. Buying from the right source can greatly reduce your expense. Be careful that you aren't overpaying. Don't let a high-pressure salesperson convince you that an ordinary crystal provides such benefits to justify an inflated price. Be sure to shop around.

Online sales are often a great way to cut out the middleman. The markup in the jewelry business is very high, and the perceived healing properties can drive up prices even further. Shop around, and be willing to wait for overseas suppliers to ship to you.

Crystals provide you with beauty and a sense of self. Their amazing refractive properties can create unexpected light patterns. Wearing crystals in jewelry fosters style and elegance. However, beyond this sense, crystals have not been shown to promote healing. You should buy them with care.