About Healing

Pranic Healing Procedures
By:Sujata Srinivasan

Prana or Energy
Ancient practitioners of Hinduism referred to the "vital life force" as prana. The Navajo called it nilch'i, the Jews called it ruah, and the Chinese named it chi. Kirlian photography produces images of one's pranic field, also known as the energy field or aura. Believers say that a disruption in the flow of prana in and out of the aura (through channels or chakras) is the root cause of diseases. Balancing the energy can restore your health and well-being.

Sources of Prana
Clairvoyants perceive prana everywhere around us, from the sunlight to the water to the trees. They see fresh fruit and vegetables as particularly rich in prana. Wide open spaces such as the beach or a sunny meadow are brimming with life-giving, healing energy.

Self-Healing Techniques
If you are tired, ill or simply under the weather, absorb prana into your energy field. Rest for a while under a large, healthy tree or place your palms on its trunk while visualizing the absorption of prana through your hands. Plant your bare feet firmly on the earth and allow your feet to absorb the prana from the soil or sand.

Effective Techniques
The human body's energy field has seven chakras. To clear them of energy blocks, make sweeping/scooping motions with your palm over each of these chakras, removing the negative energy. Different colors correspond to different chakras, but basic healing can be performed with the neutral and calming color white. Breathe deeply and fill your lungs with oxygen (prana). Then, rub your palms and place them about 10 inches from each chakra. Visualize that you are projecting healing, white light or energy from the universe, through your palms. After a few seconds, stop the flow by visualizing a layer of light blue light closing the chakra, thereby preventing energy leaks.

Learn Pranic Healing
The "Yoga Sutra" of Patanjali provides extensive knowledge on the workings of prana. Pranic healing as a modern energy technique was developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. There are centers around the world that train people to heal themselves and others with prana.