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What Are Fluorite Stones?
By:Jessica Ring

Fluorite stones, or worry stones, are smooth, oval-shaped gemstones. In several cultures, worry stones are used to alleviate stress and aid in meditation. In holistic medicine, fluorite stones are used for their special healing properties. Fluorite stones are rubbed between the thumb and forefinger as a relaxation technique. They are similar in practice to stress balls or Chinese baoding balls.

Worry stones originated in Ancient Greece as "palm stones." Palm stones were used in meditation and relaxation. The Ancient Greeks used naturally smooth rocks that had washed up on the shore. Native Americans used similar stones for healing and ceremonial purposes. They believed that different minerals possessed different healing qualities. In the United States, the worry stone peaked in popularity during the 1970s.

Modern Use
In modern times, worry stones are used for both meditative and holistic purposes. New age practitioners believe that different stones have different healing qualities. Modern religions use prayer beads as a means to increase focus and dissipate negativity. Modern worry stones come in a variety of semi-precious gemstones, including quartz, amethyst, moonstone and fluorite.

Fluorite, or fluospar, is a halide mineral with a calcium fluoride composition. The name is derived from the Latin "fluo," which means "to flow." It is a bright, colorful mineral, and some varieties react under ultraviolet light. Fluorite is used primarily for ornamental purposes. Synthetically-produced fluorite is used as a glass replacement in high-performing telescope and camera lenses.

Healing Properties
Holistic medicine practitioners believe that fluorite stones possess a number of healing qualities. It increases the ability to concentrate, as well as amplifies the capacity for intellectual development. Fluorite stones are used during meditation in order to feel grounded and focused. Blue fluorite represents serenity and inner calmness. Yellow fluorite represents understanding. Purple fluorite represents the expression of the spirit.