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How to Make a Crystal Singing Bowl Elixir
By:Chelsea Hoffman

Popular in shamanic practices and meditation, singing bowls offer harmonics that help your align your chakras with sound. What gives singing bowls the changes in tone needed to create varying sounds is the amount of liquid in each one. These are elixirs when using them to create aromatic elements while meditating on your singing bowls. Shamanic spiritualists make their various potions and elixirs in singing bowls to further charge them with meditative intent before bottling them. Knowing how to make a crystal singing bowl elixir depends on your spiritual needs.

Position the crystal singing bowl with the wand resting inside of it. Make sure it is on a stable surface so that it will not topple over and break.

Pour the floral hydrosol of your choice into the crystal singing bowl. For a medium-sized crystal bowl, add 16 oz. of hydrosol. Hydrosol is a distilled floral water that contains the essences of the plant. Floral hydrosols come in rose, lavender and a wide range of other aromas, and you should choose one according to your spiritual needs.

Add a drop each of your choice of different essential oils. Depending on your needs you may need as few as one variety or as many as a dozen. A strong, spiritual anointing oil may even contain a dash of oleoresin, which is a concentrated form of essential oil. These items can be found in craft supply stores or online.

Add a dash of salt to the solution. A cleansing agent, salt is used in many a spiritual event or elixir for blessing in feng shui.

Stir the mixture gently with the tip of the crystal wand. This not only stirs the ingredients together, blending the scents for your environment, but is also a symbolic gesture. From here you can make sounds from the rim of your crystal singing bowl with the anointed wand, or bottle the elixir for blessing body parts and home areas.