About Healing

How to Use Crystal Healing
By:Rena Sherwood

It can't be stressed enough--crystal healing is no substitute for conventional medicine, especially in an emergency. But it can help you calm down in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The body has a powerful but yet not fully understood method of self-healing. Crystal healing helps you tap into the healing powers you already possess.There aren't any bad side effects, unless you buy a crystal you really can't afford.Your instinct will make you curious about crystal healing, whether you have gemstones and pretty rocks around you or not. Go with your curiosity.

Love Me Like A Rock

Select a crystal, gemstone or rock helper in the same way that you would select a piece of jewelry, using your personal taste. Everyone has their own way.

Cleanse the crystals in your preferred method. This gets rid of any vibrations of bad energies from the stone's past. Leaving the stone in three days of sunlight and three nights under the full moon is a good cleansing method.

Leave the stone sit around where you relax and unstress, like a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. In this way, you learn to associate the stone with relaxing times. Leave it there for as long as you like.

Study about crystal healing to see the ways it has been used by others. Some will make sense to you. If you can clearly see yourself in your mind's eye doing a crystal healing procedure, then that's the one for you. If a procedure makes you feel awkward, silly or doubtful, then skip that one.

Use your rock in the way your instinct tells you to, even if it's just carrying it in your purse or pocket as a lucky charm to calm down.