About Healing

Gems & Crystals Used in Psychic Surgery
By:Michelle Nesbit

Gems and crystals have been around for eons; in addition to being used as tools of work, they were considered otherworldly, having powers to ward off evils and protect from the unknown. People still rely on gems and crystals in various types of surgery, both physical and metaphysical, to ensure health and promote well-being.

According to the School of Metaphysics, gems and crystals have natural properties that allow them to develop electric charges (piezoelectric energy) and transmit energies. These properties also aid healing.

Laser Surgery
The gems and crystals used in surgery serve as a powerful laser instrument. Laser quartz is used to accelerate the energy passing through it and into a tight beam. This is beneficial for stimulating acupuncture points and allowing precision work on the physical body.

Micro Surgery
The School of Metaphysics states that crystals such as rubies and quartz are also used to magnify and transmit energies in lasers for micro surgery. They aid the process of burning out unwanted tissue and in depilation.

Surgery Preparation and Recovery
According to lecturer Ellie Crystal, gems and crystals are used in some instances to prevent physical trauma. Stones like green diopside are used to calm emotions and promote regeneration after surgery.

Reiki Psychic Surgery
Reiki Master Leslie Swartz describes Reiki psychic surgery as a non-invasive surgery. It refers to the use of crystal wand, such as quartz crystal wand, to draw negative energy out of the energy field as well as the removal of thought forms, memory imprints or soul retrieval.