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Remedies for Detoxification After Reiki Energy Healing
By:Regina Edwards

Reiki energy healing uses universal healing energy to promote balance and well-being. A reiki practitioner can transmit healing energy with a light touch or even without touching the client. Symptoms of warmth and tingling are experienced during the session. After the session, healing energy continues to circulate for sustained stress relief and relaxation. After a reiki healing, toxins and disruptive thoughts, feelings, habits and aches arise to be released. Supportive practices, including detoxification, enhance the healing energy.


A reiki practitioner channels reiki healing energy to the client and it circulates throughout the body, on all levels. The length of healing sessions vary, and reiki is intended to restore balance to remove or reduce disorders and dysfunctions. Reiki energy is believed to circulate through the chakras, or healing centers of the body. After an attunement or in-depth healing session, reiki will continue to course through the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical levels to restore balance.

Reiki can be in effect for several weeks after an attunement or extensive healing session. Acknowledge and patiently evaluate each symptom as part of the detoxification process to release blockages. Remember that symptoms of tiredness, intestinal discomfort and joint aches can also arise during this time but are temporary. Explore detoxification methods and remedies to reduce these symptoms and enhance the healing process.


Reiki has been described as similar to Therapeutic Touch, massage therapy and meditation, which promote stress release and relaxation. With all healing modalities, the body releases toxins that need to be eliminated. Since reiki energy permeates all levels, the idea of toxins should be broadened to apply to the mind, spirit, emotions and body.

Promote toxin elimination and clear channels by increasing your water intake. Consider drinking purified water with a squeeze of lemon to cut through any mucus buildup (causing physical blockages). Ask your reiki practitioner to prepare reiki water using purified water and lemon (if desired) and infusing the container with reiki symbols. This reiki water can be prepared in bulk and stored in the refrigerator for easy access.

For nonphysical levels (mind, emotions and spirit), schedule meditation and quiet time to evaluate and let go of extreme feelings, resurfacing memories and negative thoughts to help the detoxification process. Identifying appropriate affirmations can bolster the balancing effects of reiki energy healing if used daily.

General detoxification methods involve improving diet and eliminating chemicals (such as junk food, sodas and cigarettes). Consider modifying your diet (even for a brief period of time) and eliminating or reducing habits that contain chemicals. Acknowledge if your preferences for certain foods or habits change, and follow these urges.

Consult your reiki practitioner and medical provider to determine whether herbal remedies such as Bach Flower Remedies would be helpful.