About Healing

How to Channel a Spirit Guide for Healing

There are many ways to channel a spirit guide, from an impromptu song or poem that just seems to come into your head or words heard in a dream. Automatic writing is one distinguished method that can help you focus the message as well as learn and understand more about your spirit guide and yourself. Everyone receives messages from their spirit guides mixed with normal thoughts; however, with automatic writing you can learn to separate channeling from normal thinking and feeling. Read on to learn more.

Practice automatic writing to channel a spirit guide for healing when you have a pressing personal question, a health problem or feel weak, tired or depressed. You should have a question or focus for your automatic writing session before you begin. You can channel the spirit guides of other people on their behalf, as well, as long as the intention is focused.

Choose a time when you will not be disturbed and you are relaxed yet alert and calm. Lie or sit in a comfortable position with a pen and notebook, or a computer if you prefer, and ask the spirit guides to join you.

Calm your mind and begin to write both your questions and the replies when you feel their presence. Do not stop writing, try not to think about handwriting, spelling errors or even the writing itself, rather focus on the rhythm of pen on paper and try to enter a trancelike state. Many people find that if they speak the questions out-loud, their hand continues to write the answer while the mind stays focused on the question. This trick will help you to sift your own thoughts from those you are channeling.

Allow the flow of writing to end on its own, trying not to control the channeling. Don't think about the answers, but the questions, until your reach a still moment and the channeling comes to a natural end. Take a moment to relax and then read what you have written. You may find words or phrases you don't remember writing, common spelling errors you don't usually make or other indicators that you have successfully channeled your spirit guide.