About Healing

How to Use Crystals for Chakra Healing
By:Samantha Torrence

Crystals have been used to amplify certain healing properties for thousands of years. Modern practice of crystal healing can be utilized while balancing chakras. Chakras are energy stores that lie along the center of the body along the spine. Imagine your spine as a river of energy and the chakras as pools that fill from the river. If one is blocked energy cannot flow along the river or fill other pools. Sometimes this will cause a flood of one chakra and the depeltion of another. To maintain good health it is beleived that your chakras must be balanced. Certain crystals can help stimulate balance of chakras if used properly.

Crystal Cleansing Session

Cleanse the room of negative energy using any ritual for the religion you are associated with. For Example, use holy water and blessing for Christians, sage stick and feather for Pagans.

Make the atmosphere comfortable and begin to set up your space laying out pillows and your attuned crystals by your side.

Lie on the ground and get comfortable, laying pillows underneath your head, lower back, and/or legs.

Begin relaxing and entering into a meditative state, specifically tuning into your natural healing abilities.

Place stones alone or in groups on your chakras as you are guided by your inner healing and become aware of which chakras need attention.

Use a journey meditation that focuses on shedding off negative health energy or emotions, the final destination should be to a peaceful place where you are completely healthy, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

End your meditative session with the appropriate affirmation for your specific journey.