Spiritual Healers

USA - California - San Marcos
Healer:Reverend Elivia Melodey

Reverend Elivia Melodey teaches many creative paths to healing and awareness. Over the past 12 years she has assisted thousands of people to create healthier minds, bodies and spirits through her music and works. Her keen analytical ability translates ethereal and spiritual concepts into a grounded, practical approach.

Rev. Melodey's background is diverse. Highlights include:
Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist
Independent Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki Master
Certified Spiritual Healer
Ordained Spiritualist Minister
Lightbody Graduate
Master of Fine Arts

Vibrational Healing
Experience the powerful effects of vibrational healing as harmony is reestablished to all levels of your Being. A session will be tailored to fit your needs. Reverend Elivia uses channeled spiritual healing energies, Reiki energies and the Lightbody to align and balance all conditions. Vibrational healing is really very simple, for those who offer themselves up as healers and know how to attune themselves to the correct frequencies necessary for wholeness. No one person ever heals another. Elivia acts as a channel to access the necessary healing energies for that individual. For any and all healing to be effective, the only requirement is a desire for healing and the ability to be open and receptive. Sessions may also include Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and crystal healing.

Sound Attunements
Our bodies are vibrating fields of energy, governed by energy centers, called chakras. When those fields get out of balance the result is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual stress. The attunement begins with a tune up for the entire energy system using selected singing crystal bowls. After, a specific sequence of crystal bowls are selected and sounded individually or together to activate and align the body energy centers until all are harmonized and attuned. Clients may recline, sit or stand, depending on the individualized treatment necessary. Each client is different, so each session will vary. Toning, vowel sounds, rock energies, and other tools may be used to augment and enhance the healing energies.