Spiritual Healers

UK - Wiltshire - Chippenham
Healer:Andy Porter, Psychic Surgeon

Psychic Surgery Procedure: Simple, as with all things spiritual!

I place my hands on the patients body normally on their stomach, and allow my spiritual surgeon "Chen" and his team to channel through my hands to perform the healing. Most of the time "Chen" will take over my complete body in a trance style and communicate verbally to the paitent.

The patient will remain fully clothed during the healing.

No pain will be felt, although the patient may feel movement inside their body and perhaps a little discomfort, typical feedback is heat or cold and a pulling sensation internally.

The appointment will last for 1 hour.

I am not medically trained, and do not perform the Psychic Surgery, this is performed by Spirit, although I am the physical channel that enables the healing to take place.