Spiritual Healers

Brazil - Abadinia (in central Brazil, 1 1/2 hrs from Brazilia)
Healer:John of God (Joao Teixeria da Faria), Spiritual Healer and Psychic Surgeon

My name is Phyllis Bennett, I am an experienced Medium and I recently trained in Trance Mediumship at Stansted Hall in Essex.

I first went to Abadiania in Brazil in January 2003 and have been back many times since as you will read in “My Story” and “Robin’s Story”. In July 2003 I met the criteria laid down by The Casa hierarchy and was accredited by them officially to take groups to The Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania. I feel that this is my vocation in life now, to take small groups of people to this magical healing place so that they can experience what many of my friends and I experienced.

About John of God:

Joao de Deus known by all as “John of God” has probably become the world’s most documented and respected Spiritual Healer and Psychic Surgeon, he works his miraculous cures in the full glare of publicity.

Joao is a very likeable man who came from humble beginnings. He was born during the war in 1942 and from boyhood he has devoted his life to helping others. For the last 30 years his life’s mission has been to heal people who are sick in the mind, body or soul(often called the spirit). It is extremely important to remember these three levels of healing. People can be disappointed when they do not get an instant physical cure, but everyone receives healing from Joao on at least one level.

In plain English Joao is an accomplished Trance Medium, he willingly allows his body to be incorporated by various eminent Doctors and Surgeons who are now in the spirit world, these are called “Entities”. Joao is incorporated by just one Entity at a time, but is able to work with over thirty Entities who were specialists in their field on the earth plane. Joao whilst incorporated can carry out visible (ie surgery with a scalpel) or invisible surgery, the visible surgery is performed without anaesthetic, there is no reported pain and minimal bleeding.


Also: See, on the web site of the Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church, Cathy's description of her 2 psychic surgeries and her stay at Joao's "The Casa" in March 2008.