Spiritual Healers

UK - London - Lewisham
Healer:Lewisham Spiritualist Church

We have Spiritual Healing within the Church on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Everyone is very welcome to come for Healing, they will find a very warm welcome and we have many dedicated Healers. There is a relaxed atmosphere, you are welcome to have healing or simply soak up the healing vibrations.

Spiritual Healing is given by the laying on of hands and is also called Contact Healing. This should not be confused with Faith Healing. Absent Healing through thought and prayer can be offered to those who are unable to attend a healing session and often produce remarkable results.

It is not necessary for the person to have faith or even believe in Spiritualist Healing to receive it. Children and animals can also receive and benefit from Spiritual Healing.

Come and give us a visit.

About our Church:

We are an independent Spiritualist Church founded in 1936 and purpose built for the practise of Spiritualism, which includes Mediumship and Spiritualist Healing.

Our aim is to give spiritual and practical guidance to anyone who chooses to come to our door, it goes without saying that we welcome all people, religion or age are no barrier. Our visitors range from 1 year to 100 years.