Spiritual Healers

USA - California - Los Angeles
Healer:Sophia Hansen: Chakra balancing, energy healing, Reiki, spiritual guidance, meditation and shamanism <sophia@sacred-energy-healing.com>

Are you ready for a life with less stress and more peace? A healing journey awaits you through chakra balancing, energy healing, Reiki, spiritual guidance, meditation and shamanism. Sophia's gentle, non-judgmental, and down-to-earth style creates an environment of safety, comfort and support for you. Board-Certified in Integrative Health sessions also include compassionate listening, spirit communication and mindfulness.

Designated a Reiki Research Professional Professional with Harvard University/Center for Reiki Research in 2015 Sophia Hansen MA, FAAIM provides vital research data evaluating the benefits of Reiki. As a Fellow with the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and a Diplomate with the Colleges of Mind-Body Medicine and Energy Medicine, she's a recognized expert in the realm of integrative health, spiritual healing and energy medicine. Since 2004 Sophia's had the honor of providing thousands of healings world-wide.

Journey with Sophia to dissolve your blockages and receive the healing you need to embrace your highest joy.