Spiritual Healers

The Netherlands - Delft
Healer:Wendy Gillissen, M.A. <info@reincarnatietherapie.com>

Past life regression therapy is a great way to heal fears and limiting beliefs about yourself and the world originating from early life or past lives, so you can be free to be your true authentic self.

Residual energies of other people and spirit attachments can also be effectively treated with regression.

Past life regression is furthermore an excellent way to understand more about yourself, hidden blocks and talents, your life mission, past life connections and the greater journey of your soul.

Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist and past life therapist in the Netherlands. She has been conducting past life regression sessions in her practice since 2002. Wendy is also the author of award-winning spiritual adventure novel 'Curse of the Tahiéra.' She writes articles on spirituality for a variety of Dutch and English-language websites. In her spare time she plays the Celtic harp.