Spiritual Healers

Indonesia - Bali, and Online
Healer:Brandy Lee <brandyleebeaver@gmail.com>

Brandy Lee is an Intuitive Healer working on the island of Bali. Brandy has studied modalities such as Thetahealing and Reiki and offers remote/distant healing.

Brandy works full time as an intuitive healer and has clients based in countries all over the world. She has had the good fortune and pleasure of being able to travel to many countries with her work as a healer. Brandy now works primarily seeing clients here in Bali, or via remote healing on Skype and email for people in all areas of the world such as Australia, UK, India, Ireland, Italy and America.

Brandy also specializes in cleansing people and their homes of negative energies such black magic, curses and entities.