Spiritual Healers

UK - Gloucestershire - Gloucester. Also: London and Dorset
Healer:Wayne Lee <waynelee.medium@googlemail.com>

I am a multi-faceted natural Healer. Everything in our life carries a meaning and a message. Behind all pains, traumas, illnesses and suffering there are meanings, beliefs and patterns. I will assist you with unraveling these so they may be released and freed from your body. Everyone is unique and, every session requires a different open-minded approach, allowing individual change for each client.

I allow myself the space to give each client what they need in that moment to help them move forward. Deeply trusting my intuition and using many different techniques to assist clients. I am aware that issues that affect us can arise from as early as being in the womb and I work with that in mind releasing traumas and blockages as far back as before birth. I believe my clients choose to see me because instinctively they know I am able to help them.

Love and light.

waynelee.medium@googlemail.com 07746515530