Spiritual Healers

USA - Illinois - Chicago
Healer:Roger Oney <studio@rogeroney.com>

Trained in Reiki, New Paradigm MDT, and Spiritual Healing, Roger is an intuitive and empathic energy worker dedicated to helping others bring about more balance in their lives. By working energetically with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies, he tunes into areas that are in need of greater balance or support, and gently guides and invites the energy to work where it is needed most. He brings a grounded and neutral presence, coupled with a keen sensitivity to the flow of energy and information.

Remote sessions with are often reported to be very relaxing and sometimes very moving experiences. Roger provides an audio assessment after every session, which contains practical and specific considerations based on the information revealed during the session. Sessions can be booked online at anytime by visiting the Energy Balancing Studio website at http://energybalancingstudio.com/appointments.