Spiritual Healers

Healer:Darren Leigh

Soul Energy Healing is a force just like electricity, just as we power many electrical items from battery or even the mains, this electricity charges and maintains our devices and items. Without this electricity flowing properly we lose power, and so our items do not work as they should.

Without you being fully charged or full of energy you cannot expect to keep ailments and fatigue at bay, this is where soul energy healing can compliment your healthy life style or even help you get there.

Energy healing uses an unseen but felt and sensed force, one which is around us and flowing through us, some people say life force, just like the electricity it flows to serve us. With this energy we can recharge our own self and with this we can then have a better healthy and stimulating life.

If you have ever felt low or unwell for a long period of time or just cannot seem to maintain energy then this therapy could be for you.

Darren runs Soul energy sessions from different locations throughout the year, Just contact Darren to find out all the locations. If you are interested in booking or would like to discuss your needs or indeed answer some question with regard healing then give Darren a call or email him.