Spiritual Healers

UK - Lincolnshire - Boston
Healer:Stephen Johnson <steve@stevejohnsonhealer.co.uk>

My name is Steve Johnson, I specialize in Absent Healing and aura repairs and Geopathic Stress of Land/Property.

Most of the time our clients have a wonderful experience when recieving Healing - Although sometimes things do happen that are out of the practitioners hand of experience. There may be rips in one layer or more of the aura, maybe an attachment from an unwanted spirit or entity- these can suck the life out of the client as they lose their energy.
Even if you are a Energy Worker - if your client worsens after healing Please get in touch - Yes it may be Healing Crisis although this usually align's its self within a small amount of time!

I also remove Psychic Attack and Curses. Please contact me for an initial informal chat to discuss your queries.

UK contact my mobile. Abroad please use email or Skype. Thank you.