Spiritual Healers

USA - New York - Manhattan and Mineola (Long Island)
Healer:Maria D'Andrea MsD, D.D., DRH, DRS <mdandrea100@gmail.com>


Maria is an internationally known professional psychic from Budapest, Hungary. Since early childhood she has demonstrated high spiritual awareness and psychic ability.

Over her lifetime and as a Spiritual Leader, she has provided excellent psychic guidance and enlightenment to many people, assisting them on their own personal path of spiritual self discovery. Many occultists and psychics specialize in only one area, for example Tarot card reading or Psychometry. When you work with Maria, you can rest assured that she will be able to use the best method to achieve the best results for your particular circumstance.

Maria is known for a unique form of divination called "Rune Casting." This method was used by Vikings and Europeans to unlock information about the past, present and future by tapping into the Universal Mind. The responsibility of a selection of paths is yours after you have been made aware of the underlying factors and forces at work.

Some of Maria's talents include:
•Business Consulting
•Er Mei Qi Gong for healing & health
•European Shamanism
•Kirlian Photography
•Meditation Techniques
•Metaphysical/Psychic/Spiritual Speaker
•Past Life Research
•Personal Health & Wellness
•Psychic Tarot
•Published Author/Lecturer
•Rune Casting
•Spiritrainbow Healing System
•Tai Chi
•Tracking & Investigation

You may also schedule with Maria for the following activities:
•Media Programs
•Tele-Seminars, Classes & Workshops
•Classes (private & group)
•Readings (business and personal consultations)
•Speaking/Lecture Appearances / Media Work
•Mini Runic - Numerology Charts

(516) 414-0727