Spiritual Healers

USA - New York - Rochester
Healer:Robin Higgins

Robin Higgins is the Pastor of Plymouth Spiritualist Church in Rochester, NY. She is a gifted teacher, Trance Channel & Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and a Respected Shamanic Healer.

These experiences and skills assist her in fulfilling her life mission as a Lightworker today-- assisting others on their spiritual journey to awaken, engage and explore all divine gifts of the Spirit. Together, we are One.

Healing services and readings include:
- Shamanic Healing
- Reiki with Crystals
- Intensive Three Hour Session - includes Shamanic Healing, Private Reading, and Life Coaching.
- Past Life Regressions
- Soul Reading and Visualization Meditation - is like a Past Life Regression. However, with this process we go looking specifically for when a current mental, emotional or physical problem 1st became an issue for your soul.
- Life Coaching Sessions
- Private Psychic Medium Sessions
- Children Service
- House Clearing & Blessings
- Native American Hot Stone