Spiritual Healers

UK - London - Hampton Hill (South West London)
Healer:Martin Twycross

I am a spiritualist medium with a passion for quality mediumship and proving the continuity of life. I am based in Hampton Hill in south-west London and have been working as a medium for the past six years. I regularly serve a number of churches in the surrounding area and I feel that quality demonstrations of mediumship are the best possible adverts for spiritualism.

Spiritual healing is also a love of mine and I have been practising healing for over 5 years together with my partner Linda and we are both qualified spiritualist healers with the Spiritualists National Union (SNU).

Spiritual healing can assist with a wide variety of conditions, whether mental, emotional or physical.

We do spiritual healing most weeks at Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church on the healing night which is every Wednesday.

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and I undertake hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching and spiritual coaching.