Spiritual Healers

USA - California - Cupertino
Healer:Maya <explore@mayavidhya.com>

Freedom From Fear And Pain

I understand hidden fears and self sabotaging patterns, which keep us in a life filled with obstacles. I was attracting abuse, arrogance, limited way of living and I started seeing and letting go of fears. Success has allowed my unconscious mind to be open to seeing my fears, and releasing it, so I may be free to live the life I want. I am a work in progress.

I help people have this joy of releasing limiting beliefs so their outside reality changes. It is like a veil has been lifted and you can see more, feel more and live more. This is a process, and I invite people who are ready to let go of a baggage from past, contact me.

explore (at) mayavidhya.com. I charge $50/30 minutes.