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USA - California - Irvine
Healer:Jennifer Head <QPTJenniferHead@gmail.com>

Jennifer Head Offers Quick Pulse Technique Sessions To Clear Unwanted Conditions Over Phone

Jennifer Head is from Irvine, California (USA), and has been personally trained by Jo Dunning. Earlier Jennifer was known as a Oneness Facilitator to many of her friends. She has also been blessed several times by Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi.

The Quick Pulse Technique©

This QPT session is to clear unwanted conditions in your life. The Quick Pulse Technique © is the foundational technique and cornerstone of the Quantum Energetic Disciplines™. Both the Quick Pulse and Advanced Pulse are the most powerful and versatile of all the techniques and are able to help resolve most life issues in a very simple and rapid manner. It has been used successfully with a wide variety of items and is very effective in resolving fears, phobias, and difficult life experiences. It also can clear limiting beliefs, physical conditions, low self-esteem, unwanted personality traits, abundance issues and many other limiting life experiences.So if anyone is interested, please contact her and arrange for free sessions for yourself or your family/friends.

Websites http://affordabletransformation.weebly.com/ and http://qptjenniferhead.weebly.com/ have contact information and how to pay for sessions.

© Quick Pulse Technique is copyrighted by Jo Dunning.