Spiritual Healers

UK - Kent
Healer:Christine <chrissie.durham@gmail.com>

Free Healing, contact and absent for people and animals.

Free Readings, Counselling, Life Coaching, Meditations, Free Mp3 downloads and links.

Information covering the whole concept of Spirituality, Quantumn Mind and how science is now catching up and proving the pure consciousness everything is, very interesting reading. The power of Intent, how our Intent, thoughts and words are creating our reality, our experience with links to books and sites.

I place pages to promote all healers, healing centres and sanctuaries, dedicating this to the well being of all and to the truth, which isn't always how we wish it to be for nothing in this world is what it seems!

Thank you for your support, any links or articles, news that are not covered let me know!

Much love.

Chrissie Durham