Spiritual Healers

Saudi Arabia and Dubai
Healer:Mohammad bin abbas <alabbas321@hotmail.com>

I graduated from the US, from where I obtained MA degree in clinical psychology (Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy). Also, I am qualified, since I have memorized the Holy Qur’an.

My website deals with the adverse effects of spiritual diseases, black magic, voodoo, evil eye, Jinn touch, and gives glad tidings to the unfortunate victims that help in dealing with this problem - it's just a click away in this digital world. I have launched my website specifically for the victims of black magic evil eye, Jinn touch who mistake it for a medical problem and seek a solution in vain.

I have been in this field for the past 10 years during which I have successfully treated many victims of these evil forces at my healing clinic through Qur’anic verses for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Spiritual therapy is known both in the East and the West and is relied upon for its therapeutic value in cases which cannot be diagnosed or cured by doctors. This is where Arab and Muslim doctors excelled by making use of the healing powers derived from divine teachings. They clearly made their mark in this field in more than a thousand years. During the Renaissance period, great Arab philosophers like Ibn Sina and Al-Farabi, as well as a Canadian doctor, wrote books and conducted experiments based on the findings of scientists known to the Arabs. Their treatment was based on spiritual practices through which they attained healing powers.

It has now become clear that the pressure of living in a complex world builds up tension and causes other psychological problems as well as mental illness. Specialists in hypnotherapy and other behavioural sciences also fail to diagnose the cause of these illnesses, for which the only solution lies in faith healing. It is the only means for the treatment of mental illness and restoring mental health. So whether it is schizophrenia, hysterical behaviour or any other psycho-neurotic disorder caused by spiritual diseases, the patient will not respond to the normal medical treatment ( never ). The remedy is available only through the spiritual science. It is a recognized fact beyond any dispute. The sooner we learn to differentiate between spiritual disease and mental illness, the better it is for the patient, who can be spared mental torture and other forms of agony. I have seen the change that came about in the lives of these unfortunate victims who were not responding to medical or mental treatment before. The smiles on their face following their spiritual treatment are a standing testimony to the effectiveness of Qur’anic healing when other forms of treatment fail.

Blessings of Light