Spiritual Healers

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Healing through Intuitive Counseling.

As a Certified Intuitive Counselor, I believe it is an individual's right and responsibility to hold themselves as top priority. My approach to wellness admits, encourages and even insists that each person is his or her own ultimate authority. This perspective empowers clients in their health journey and recognizes that we know within ourselves what is truly best for us.

Clients often come to me during a health crisis when they are trying to understand and manage the myriad of suggestions from well-meaning practitioners. My experience in both the allopathic and complementary modalities of integrative medicine, along with my own perspective of integrating the individual's own innate wisdom, provides an empowering environment for the individual to make choices that promote their optimal healing.

I bring more than 30 years of healing arts experience to my private practice. My beliefs are clear that the health practioner is a guide, not the one with superior wisdom when it comes to an individual's body. I have considerable expertise and knowledge helping people discern which healthcare option is the best for them in regards to their healing journey as well as providing alternative options if necessary.

My perspective is one of healing rather than of curing the “dis-ease” you are experiencing. After many years of working with people experiencing chronic pain or un-diagnosable discomfort, I have found that getting rid of pain via drugs, surgeries etc. may not be best approach for the person in the long run. The guidance I always strive to give is to address the cause rather than the symptom, which in turn helps a client heal wholly.