Spiritual Healers

Canada - BC - Burnaby, and ABSENT/REMOTE Healing
Healer:Lisa Fedoriw, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

There are many benefits to consulting an Intuitive Healer. An intuitive reading can assist a person in developing personal awareness on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Lisa Fedoriw has been working as a Intuitive Healer/Medical Intuitive for several years. Her work serves as a tool in helping people of all ages to better understand the way their body, mind, and emotions are connected. She does have the ability to make clear, the affects of lifestyle choices on the body and to intuit suggestions to support an individuals well being. She works in her community as well as assisting individuals by means of distance energy work.

Previous to this, she worked for over 17 years in the field of Special Education. Her own personal experiences led her to working as an Intuitive Healer. Lisa also works with animals, providing information and answering questions for their owners. Lisa's readings are insightful, accurate and enlightening. She is dedicated in her work and makes sure that information from the readings is well understood by those receiving it. Lisa's life path was specific in terms of training her for her work as an Intuitive and her life lessons have become a very valuable tool in this work.