Spiritual Healers

UK - London and Scotland - Edinburgh
Healer:Sandy Newbigging, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

Sandy Newbigging is highly-respected for his ability to quickly and elegantly help people to discover and resolve the hidden 'root-cause reasons' for their body and life problems so that they can enjoy long-lasting health and happiness.

He is the author of 4 books including 'New Beginnings', 'Life Detox' and 'Life-Changing Weight Loss" and his Mind Detox method has been featured on television in over 30 countries. He has clinics in Edinburgh and London, runs life-changing workshops and retreats throughout Europe and trains people to become Mind Detox Practitioners at his Mind Detox Masterclass.

Sandy Newbigging is also a qualified teacher of the Ishayas' Ascension meditation. In order to become a teacher he 'Ascended' (meditated) day and night for 24 weeks. He spent the first part of his teacher training course on the island of Patmos, Greece and the second part in the mountains of Mexico. During that time he explored the nature of the mind and stabilised his experience of resting in the infinite peace of the present moment. This enables him to teach from a very pure place and speak from his firsthand experience. Now that he is qualified he teaches the remarkable techniques during weekend workshops and at retreats around the world.