Spiritual Healers

USA - Hawai - North Kohala, and by TELEPHONE
Healer:Bela Johnson, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

Gifts of vision and healing energy are utilized to assist in your journey toward wholeness. Prompted by images I retrieve from you, soul to soul, we work with core beliefs and your own chosen healing modalities to create a healthy life process which will continue supporting you.

Whether Medical Intuitive, Intuitive or Life Coach, I use my gift of vision from birth and my psychology background, along with two decades of client experience, to help you to see beyond the obvious physical or emotional distress you are experiencing.

An intuitive consult connects us at a soul-to-soul level, where you may begin to sense movement of blocked energy. Stagnant energy is fertile ground in which disharmony and disease have taken root. Dialoguing about your deeply personal images creates movement, freeing soul to express itself more fully through your being. In this way, balance can be restored and a sense of wellness and purpose begins to replace the doubts, fears and anxieties that have been troubling you.