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Healer:Christopher Stewart, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

Christopher Stewart - who holds B.A. and M.S. degrees - is a medical intuitive with a practice in the San Francisco Bay area. For over 20 years he has been working with individuals, couples, families, physicians, and psychologists to understand how emotional, psychological, physical imbalances and spiritual energy can lie at the root cause of disease, illness and life crises. He consults with clients via telephone throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Christopher writes, "From my earliest memory of age 4 in New Jersey, I was aware of the feelings and energies of other people, the colors and sounds around their bodies. I could sense those in my family as well as others in school. I could sense a toothache of a classmate or problems at home with other person."

About being a Medical Intuitive:
A medical intuitive is someone who has a special working relationship with the human body, its energies and systems with the ability to diagnose the disruptions that can invade the body, mind and spirit.

A medical intuitive views the body on the physical level, the energy level and the spiritual level. Medical intuition assists healing the mind, body and spirit when other methods are unsuccessful. Many doctors and healers are medical intuitives in their own practice.