Spiritual Healers

USA - North Carolina - Southern Pines
Healer:Brent Atwater, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

Brent Atwater's renowned international medical intuitive diagnostic accuracy as a human MRI looking inside your physical body and her extraordinary transformative healing results like Adam Dream Healer and John of God are documented, published, peer reviewed and respected.

She collaborates with and participates in ongoing energy medicine, intuitive medical diagnosis research, medical research and independent case studies with leading doctors, physicians, researchers, educators, scientists, and medical facilities. Her work establishes evidence based research that creates and documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine.

She is a consultant to stars, celebrities, CEO's, entrepreneurs & friends.

Brent Atwater teaches life changing techniques and real life solutions enable you to alter your health problems, energy levels and inspire hope by improving the quality of your life! She’s assisted countless individuals heal faster, eradicate health issues, remove pain or manage their chronic pain, experience fewer medical side effects, medical complications or new symptoms, and progress from being the victim of their body’s diagnosis or medical condition, to changing their physical health and healing their body!