Self-Realization Author Guy Finley Answers Your Questions

Can self-understanding clear up the boredom?
By:Guy Finley
Date: 4 March 2017


I feel bored with my job and my life in general. In the past I would have looked for a new job or a time-consuming hobby. Can self-understanding clear up the boredom, or should I take outward steps to do so?


Boredom is the "natural" effect of the thought nature having begun to exhaust its own content. What this means to us is that when we are bored with life, it is because we have at last begun to outgrow what our thought-life can provide for us. Your suspicion about not trying to answer it is correct. Stay in the middle of this condition. It may be appropriate or not to make changes, but wait until it is quite clear to you that what you newly intend is not part of the old line of your life.