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Higginson, Gordon (Nov 17, 1918 Longton, Staffordshire - Jan 18, 1993 Longton, Staffordshire)
Institution / Country:England

From The Gordon Higginson Fellowship:

Gordon M Higginson was born on 17th November 1918 and started sitting in his mother’s development circle at the age of three. For as far back as he could remember he was able to see and experience things mediumistically. At the age of five he was a member of the Longton Lyceum and took his first service at Longton Spiritualist Church when he was twelve.

Gordon worked with many of the greatest names of the time and singularly filled venues to their maximum capacity throughout the UK, including several solo demonstrations at the Royal Albert Hall. In 1970 he was elected the President of the Spiritualists’ National Union - a position he held for more than twenty years. He also became the Principal of the Arthur Findlay College (a college for the study and advancement of transpersonal phenomena) for fourteen years, and widely respected for a variety of mediumistic and teaching work, which encompassed the insights of many of the world’s great wisdom traditions and great seers.


From gordonhigginson.co.uk:

Gordon Higginson was one of the finest mediums of the last century and an excellent medium, speaker and teacher. He was known as "Mr Mediumship" since his gifts of mediumship were wide ranging and he was a man of great charisma. Gordon said that "Spiritual giants have always moved among the nations of the world" and Gordon himself can rightly be called a "Spiritual Giant" owing to his accomplishments, his influence and his dedicated work for Spirit.

Gordon was renowned for the accuracy of his platform mediumship and his evidence often included full names, addresses and telephone numbers. Gordon was also an excellent physical medium and produced the rare phenomena of materialisation and direct voice. He was one of the few physical mediums to demonstrate these unique and precious gifts publicly to audiences of up to 300 people.

Gordon remains the longest serving President of the Spiritualists National Union, serving for an exceptional 23 years from 1970 until his passing in 1993.

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Photo from Gallery of Gordon Higginson at gordonhigginson.co.uk