Great Spiritualists and Friends

Corbett, Jack: Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer & Teacher (Leicester UK Nov 11, 1910 - July 21, 1991)
Institution / Country:England

International Spiritual Medium and Healer Jack Corbett, was born in Leicester, England on the 11th of November 1910. For over 20 years, Jack had his own spiritual centre ‘The Golden Circle Spiritual Centre’.

At the age of 12, Jack was acclaimed for his mediumship and would give ‘Special Demonstrations of Trance and Clairvoyance’. Jack Corbett was billed as ‘The Boy Wonder’. In the old days, it was quite common place for gifted mediums to be proficient from quite early ages; indeed, many to the truly great mediums fit into this category.

Jack was a genuine Trance Medium. From his youth he held major public demonstrations of mediumship, often speaking in Paris and Den Haag, and spoke in the native tongues of both countries. Impressive when one considers that Jack’s education, like so many in those distant days, was basic to say the least. This seems incredible in this day and age, but it is a truth. Sadly, the real trance mediums have become very few in numbers, and in many ways, through one reason or another, a thing of the past. But Jack Corbett, with a small group of other people, was a true spiritual master whose gift blossomed and grew throughout his life, being particularly knowledgeable about the philosophy of the spirit. Simplicity, but with great depth and an easy manner in which he could pass and relay complex information, all in a way that was not hard not to grasp or understand.

Jack served throughout World War Two in the British Army. He was involved in ‘special operations’ prior to the D Day landings in France. Jack often spoke about the men he served with, particularly the hardened ones, who had gone through many battles, but who would ask for his knowledge of the next world. To many men he gave comfort, many were to lose their physical lives, but were able to glimpse the doorway of eternity before they moved into out into eternity. Jack’s gifts were many but his compassion for humanity helped and aided many people both during his time in the British Army and through his life in Spiritualism.

Whilst I was under the guidance of Jack Corbett, he would give me small amounts of information, but persuaded me to expand my own spiritual awareness by using his depth of knowledge, to push back my own boundaries of mediumship and spiritual healing.

My knowledge of Jack’s family is very limited. I know that he had brothers and sisters, a Son Colin a very gifted Magician, a Daughter-in-law and a Granddaughter. In reality very little information, for someone I saw at least once a week for nine years. But the time I spent with Jack was set-a-side for one thing, and one thing only “Spiritual Development and Understanding”. Fridays were special evenings of opportunity, occasions for gaining further knowledge and learning.

Jack was an extremely hard taskmaster, but this is part of the single-mindedness needed for the discipline required for the special work of mediumship. Indeed, one of Jack’s simple teachings is: “Hard work and effort is the workbench of all knowledge and spiritual development”. I hope the insight into the life and legacy Jack Corbett gave will be of use to your own pathway of enlightenment, helping you to gain truth and spiritual insight.

Jack Corbett entered the Gates of Eternity on the 21st of July 1991 aged 81 and we lost one of our truly greatest Spiritual Mediums and Healers.

Stephen Wakeling

14th September 2009


If I be blessed
(Poem received from Spirit by Jack Corbett)

If I be blessed, with the gift of sight, to enjoy the daylight, the darkness of night,

To behold the beauty of garden flowers, so fragrant in blooming among the boughs,

High in the hedge, with joyful glee,

Then blessed am I for the gift to see.

If I am blessed, with gift to hear, the voices of friends, I hold most dear,

Beautiful melodies applies to sing, magical song like the bird on the wing,

If I always have the time to lend an ear,

Then blessed am I for the gift to hear.

If be blessed, with the gift of speech, perhaps to learn, perhaps to teach,

To greet a friend to say hello, speak words of wisdom and not tails of woe,

Gladdened hearts of men, as onward I reach,

Then blessed am I for the gift of speech.

If I be blessed, with pride, along life’s path, God by my side,

May I always treed the way of light, walk in sunshine with footsteps light,

To take all heartaches in my stride,

Then blessed am I to walk with pride.

If I be blessed, to realise these gifts of God, with open eyes,

To use then in truth, to help another,

Accepting each man, as my brother, regardless of country, colour or creed,

Then I will truly, be blessed indeed.


Photos below courtesy of medium Stephen Wakeling:

Jack Corbett, in trance, at the Summer School in 1981
(where, incidentally, I was guest medium exactly 25 years latter).
There is a distinct difference with the picture below, and we who
are spiritually attuned will be aware of the change that is noticeable
when one is in an altered state of consciousness.

Jack Corbett in 1988, while he was relaxing
in my garden in Nottingham.

Below: Jack Corbett, Rene Deranden (a nurse and friend of ours) and myself.