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Garrett, Eileen J. (Beauparc, Meath, Ireland March 17, 1893 - Nice, France, September 15 1970)
Institution / Country:The Parapsychology Foundation - New York City, USA

Mrs. Garrett is one of the most active of contemporary mediums. A natural sensitive in her early youth, she developed her psychic capacities at first under the direction of James Hewat McKenzie at the British College of Psychic Science in the years 1924-28. McKenzie was a convinced spiritualist, however, and Mrs. Garrett found that her own approach to the meaning of psi phenomena was rather that of objective inquiry. In the years that followed, therefore, she took part in experiments directed toward an understanding of supernormal perception in which her own talents could be subjected to controlled scientific examination. "I have a gift, a capacity -- a delusion, if you will -- called 'psychic,'" Mrs. Garrett wrote in her book of personal memoirs, Adventures in the Supernormal (1943). "I have been called many things, from a charlatan to a miracle woman. I am, at least, neither of these."

In 1951, to encourage organized research in psi, Mrs. Garrett after much hard work was able to set up the Parapsychology Foundation, which supports through grants impartial scientific inquiry into the total nature and workings of the human mind and makes the results of this research publicly available. The foundation sponsors inernational conferences in parapsychology and publishes the quarterly International Journal of Parapsychology as well as a bi-monthly newsletter, and a series of monographs on parapsychology.

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Photo source: The Parapsychology Foundation