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Davis, Andrew Jackson (Blooming Grove NY, August 11, 1826 - Boston, January 13, 1910)
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From andrewjacksondavis.com:

Andrew Jackson Davis, Seer and Clairvoyant of the 19th Century, was able to enter into a higher sphere of consciousness and obtain higher spiritual and physical knowledge. He could, by entering this state, obtain future information about the sciences, including astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, and psychology. Many of his scientific predictions have only recently come true.

Davis also predicted the coming age of Spiritualism and is sometimes referred to as the John the Baptist of Spiritualism.

It is thought that Davis met and advised Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Several early sources mentioned that Davis had visited the White House to meet with Lincoln and that Lincoln visited him when he was in NY.

See "Spiritual Declaration of Independence by Andrew Jackson Davis" (May 31, 1851).


From Wikipedia:
Andrew Jackson Davis published about 30 books in all including:
- The Principles of Nature (1847)
- Her Divine Revelations (1847)
- Voice to Mankind (1847)
(Note: These 3 books had been dictated in 1845 while in a trance)
- The Great Harmonia (1850-1861), an encyclopaedia in six volumes
- The Magic Staff: an Autobiography (1857), which was supplemented by Arabula: or the Divine Guest, Containing a New Collection of New Gospels (1867), the gospels being those according to St Confucius, St John (G.Whittier),St Gabriel (Derzhavin),St Octavius (Frothingham), St Gerrit (Smith), St Emma (Hardinge), St Ralph (W. Emerson), St Selden (J. Finney), St Theodore (Parker) and others
- A Stellar Key to the Summer Land (1868)
- Tale of a Physician, or, the Seeds and Fruits of Crime (1869)
- Views of Our Heavenly Home (1878), each with illustrative diagrams and The Fountain with Jets of New Meanings (1870)

Davis's complete library is now housed within the Edgar Cayce Library.

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