Great Spiritualists and Friends

Edwards, Harry (London May 29, 1893 - Dec 7, 1976)
Institution / Country:Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary - Shere, Surrey England

The greatest healer of modern times!

From: A Tribute to Harry Edwards by Stephen O'Brien:
"A compassionate man who felt inspired to serve all those who were sick and suffering, he followed the example set by Jesus of Nazareth: he went out into the world, and in the name of Love he healed the sick. Harry Edwards led a life of dedicated service, and the results of his work astonished even the most sceptical of medical men."

"Doctors and specialists were often invited to share the platform with Harry Edwards and were asked to place their hands under his - and in this way they witnessed first-hand the "miraculous" straightening of spinal curvatures. At his public meetings, deaf people regained their hearing, and many crippled people were cured and afterwards walked home unaided. Such notable healing case histories, many of which are cited in his books, undoubtedly prove that powerful invisible energies were working through this gifted medium's mind and hands."

Harry Edwards founded the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere, England, in 1947.

His books (available at the Sanctuary's bookshop) include:
- Life in Spirit
- A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing
- The Power of Spiritual Healing
- Spirit Healing
- The Healing Intelligence

Photo from spiritheal.com